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  We have no pups available and will not be breeding for a few years. We are concentrating on our dogfood brand which is taking all of our time at the moment.  Please view - we are always looking for Distributors (34 tons plus) and Agents (20 bags at a time).


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Welcome to Icehaven Rottweilers website where we showcase our KUSA Registered Rottweilers.  We are breeders of high quality Rottweilers - the pedigrees of which contain imported and champion bloodlines.  We are situated in Kloof, Durban, South Africa. We also assist our clients by arranging transport for pups via air and/or road to most destinations in South Africa and to other countries. The usual transport rates will apply (for flight and/or road transport) which is usually in the region of R650 to R800 within South Africa and more to other countries. We sell crates for transport of puppy for appoximately R650 to R700.


We offer transport both internationally and nationally to the following areas as well as others which may not be listed (please enquire with us):

Johannesburg, Cape Town, East London, George, Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Port Elizabeth, Ladysmith, Polakwane.


We have been involved with Rottweilers since 1999 and are well known for the remarkable and loving temperment of our dogs. Most of our clients are referals from clients that have purchased from us previously. Our dogs will only be sold to those who understand the breed and treat our Rottweilers as part of the family. A great deal of people are of the opinion that Rottweilers are simply there to be kept outside and do "guard duty"! When obtaining one of our dogs they are to be treated as a member of the family as you will find Rottweilers are very sensitive, loyal and loving companions.  Most of our Rottweilers are sold to family homes with children.


Our pups are well socialised and a great deal of time and energy is spent raising them and providing them with a healthy start in life both emotionally and physically. Our pups are whelped inside our house where they spend the first three weeks of their lives and thereafter they go into fully covered outdoor kennels. All our Rottweiler breeding stock are tested for Hip Dysplasia and only bred from if they meet the hip score requirements set by the Rottweiler Breed Council and Kennel Union of South Africa.  Of course no breeder can guarantee that a pup will never develop some form of hip dysplasia - however - by testing the parents the chances are significantly reduced.


We don't believe in aggression training at all and will not sell to security companies or someone who has expressed an interest in aggression training.  




It is extremely important to raise your pups on concrete floors as parvo is the number one killer of Rottweiler pups. You can clean concrete floors with HTH and F10 but if your pups are raised on grass (although it may look nicer) - they are at risk every single day as parvo remains in the ground (grass) for months and months.

We believe that the proper nutrition is essential to give your Rottweiler puppy the best start in life. We would prefer our clients to keep their pups on ICEHAVEN PUPPY FOOD until Rottweiler is 18 months of age. We deworm our Rottweilers with either Drontal/Prazifen/Triworm or Milbemax every two weeks from date of birth.  The mom is dewormed twice during the pregnancy and once after whelping.
When you buy a Rottweiler from us you will get a "care sheet" which sets out how to raise a healthy pup and what to watch out for if your Rottweiler gets sick. We expect our clients to strictly adhere to that. 

Although we love meeting prospective owners of our pups there are people out there who think it would be nice to drive to the Rottweiler breeder for a day's outing. We don't have the time to waste with people who aren't ready to buy their Rottweiler and we would like to ask that you research the breed you are interested in fully and are absolutely positive that you are ready for a "Rottweiler" pup BEFORE coming to see us.   Unfortunately we get many people who do come here, on the pretense of being ready for a pup, however when they get here they still ask stupid questions like which breed should they consider??? Everyone deserves a weekend off and we would like to fall into that category also as our job is 24/7 - there are no breaks and there are no holidays.  We run two other businesses and still need to make time for our dogs.  Also note we don't want people coming to our kennel after being at numerous other kennels and possibly bringing a disease to our kennel.  People don't think of things like that but when clients come to visit us and tell us that they just came from a kennel where they could see that puppies were ill and they were allowed to actually touch those pups and walk around with them - there is then a high probability that whatever sickness those pups had would be transferred to our kennel which is why we only allow client's who have booked their pups to collect when our pups are 8 weeks of age and we only allow other non-booking clients to view the remaining pups after the pups that were booked have already left our kennel.  In this way we limit diseases coming to our kennel and only have true interested parties visiting us.   Basically when you get your puppy from us the only people that would have touched your pup would be my husband and I as we are the ONLY carers for our Rottweiler pups and don't trust just anyone with our babies.


All prospective owners are requested to complete email us with info requested on our BOOK A PUP page.   This form is non-obigatory but it helps us understand what your requirements are. Once this form is completed we will send you a contract which you can complete and return to us together with proof of booking deposit which is approximately 30% of purchase price. At that time your booking will become final and you will be allocated a position on the waiting list.  PLEASE NOTE - we reserve the right to sell our pups to persons who we believe are suitable - completing the Book a Pup information does not guarantee you a puppy - it is basically an APPLICATION to book a pup which we go through and after communicating with prospective clients we will confrim on availability etc.


If you choose not to pre-book your pup with us you are welcome to still complete our booking form and we will advise you once the pups are innoculated and ready to go at which time you can view them.


Many people ask me how they can differentiate a "real" breeder from a "scam artist" as many people have deposited money into scammers bank accounts and never received their dogs. Well its pretty simple. Call KUSA - Kennel Union of South Africa - verify the membership number - 146928. We also have a Facebook page and you are welcome to join and meet other clients online - who have received pups from us. We can also provide copies of all our dogs KUSA registration documents and hip dysplasia free certificates and both authorities can be contacted to establish their authenticity.  Generally if it states in an advert on the internet (for South Africa) that a dog is registered with an OVERSEAS REGISTRY - you are probably dealing with scammers.







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